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Be careful! Watching animals and viewing famous sites from around the world live on webcams can prove addictive. It's like a TV reality show, only the stars here are critters and locations. You'll want to visit your favorites regularly, and this site makes that easy. Just move around the map, clicking on a pin to see what's there. It's also a great way to learn a little geography.
Be aware! Some live cams are really snapshot stills that are refreshed every so often, whereas a live streaming video cam shows real-time movement. In some cases, live audio is included. Because the logistics and cost of operating video cameras in the wild is difficult and expensive, most cameras are on a live refresh system.
Be patient! Sometimes you'll need to use your refresh button to get the most recent image. The refresh may be slow to display, depending on the webcam. Black spaces sometimes are just taking a few seconds to load; at other times they are showing you night in another time zone. Some sites stop transmission when animals are mating; others don't. And some webcams are inactive when nests are empty. Some sites inform you of that and post an image representative of activity; others permit you to sign up for an e-mail alert when activity resumes. Some sites maintain blogs; some have forums.
Be time-zone savvy! Outdoor cams are best viewed during daylight hours. Allow for time zone differences (visit time and date to get the time in another zone). From the U.S., morning is a good time to visit U.S. sites, while evening is best for Europe and Africa.
Have fun!
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