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Travel Photo Roulette #76: umbrellas

Posted at Berkeley and Beyond on March 18, 2014
by blogger Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels with Carole

And the winner of Travel Photo Roulette #76 is photo #2 (see below), by Teresa Keane at Independent Travel Help.

I knew I had a good image for the Travel Photo Roulette #75 competition featuring the theme “Working,” but I was, of course, still surprised to win!  I had actually considered NOT entering when I understood that the winner’s “prize” is to oversee the next competition, but then decided I probably wouldn’t win anyway.  But here I am (my winning image is shown below)!  And I am actually excited and enthused to oversee this next contest.

Borsang Village-Umbrella Making Centre-Big Green2-c2010 Carole Terwilliger Meyers-600pix


1. This photo was taken at the Buddhist temple complex, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, located on a mountain outside Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The large pagoda (chedi) was constructed in 1383 to house a Buddha relic. The photo shows one of the golden umbrellas outside the chedi. There is also a 5 tiered umbrella visible on top of the pagoda that was added to commemorate Chiang Mai's independence from Burma and its union with Thailand.

Submitted by Suzanne Fluhr, Boomeresque

1-Golden Umbrella at Doi Suthep cSuzanne Fluhr-600pix1

2.  I was in Belgrade for about 21 hours.  In the evening, I was wandering around the city centre and came across a road that had a lots of brightly-coloured umbrellas in mid-air.  I love finding quirky things and these floating umbrellas certainly fit into that category. 

Submitted by Teresa Keane, Independent Travel Help

2-Umbrellas cTeresa Keane

3.  My photo was taken in the Dubai Miracle Garden. It's many many umbrellas hanging upside down and provides some much-needed shade!

Submitted by Kay Dougherty, BlondeBrunetteTravel

3-Dubai Miracle Garden cKay Dougherty-600pix

4.  Walking along the Geisha district in Kyoto, I just happened upon these lit parasols which were a nice image to capture for a night image and a candid photo of the area . . .enjoy.

Submitted by Noel Morata,

4-Geisha district in Kyoto cNoel Morata-600pix

5.  When we arrived in San Francisco it was pouring with rain and we had to look for indoor activities quick! We took a bus to Japantown and went into the Japan Center where we spent a happy couple of hours drinking tea and exploring the Japanese style shops and surroundings. I saw this picture of umbrellas on the wall and thought it was rather appropriate, given the weather outside.

Submitted by Karen Warren, WorldWideWriter

5-Japan Center in San Francisco cKaren Warren-600pix


6.  In Venice, Italy, snow calls for umbrellas (and for sprinkling of salt by hand on footbridges by city workers).

Submitted by Durant Imboden, Venice for Visitors

6-Venice, snow cDurant Imboden

7.  Umbrellas in Los Cabos.  With an average of more than 360 days of sunshine each year, one umbrella simply isn’t sufficient.

Submitted by Irene Levine, More Time to Travel

7-White Umbrellas in Los Cabos cIrene Levine-600pix

8.  We were taking a river trip in Cambodia out towards Tonle Sap Lake when we passed
these monks who'd just finished working on the temple.  They had all piled into the
boat and were ready to leave - I love the bright colours, reflections and of course
the umbrellas to keep off the hot sun.

Submitted by Suzanne Lea Jones, The Travelbunny

8-monks on Cambodia river cSuzanne Lea Jones-600pix

9.  We got up at dawn to hear the monks’ prayers in the Zenkoji Temple at Nagano. The monks chanted for an hour, but near the end of the service, a higher pitched voice went solo for a few minutes. I thought it was a young boy, but Kris assured me it was a woman. Turns out, there is an “abbess” at this temple. And she has a beautiful voice. And her home looks lovely in the early morning light. I also caught a shot of the abbess herself on her way back to her residence after prayers, before the attendant policeman stopped me.
Submitted by Tom Bartel, Travel Past 50

9-Zenkoji Temple at Nagano cTom Bartel

10.  Taken in Cambodia this shot shows my husband (with camera) and our ever thoughtful guide, Borith Roth standing at the front of Khmer temple The Bayon, known for it's smiling faces.  It had pelted down all through lunch and was still raining when I snapped this photo, although the sun was staging a comeback.  Cooled by the thunderstorm we continued on an afternoon of temple viewing.

Submitted by Jan Robinson, Budget Travel Talk

10-The Banyon temple in Cambodia cJan Robinson

How it Worked
Travel Photo Roulette was started by Jeremy at Living the Dream as a way for travel and photography bloggers to showcase their photos.  Since its founding in 2010, hundreds of amazing and  inspiring photos have been submitted, each centered around a theme. For  each round, independent travel bloggers are asked to submit their  photos.  The winner chooses a new theme and hosts the competition on their blog or website, inviting  others to submit  photos for the new theme over the course of a week or two.  At the  end of the contest period, the host selects a winner and the process  repeats itself.  Note that this contest series ended in 2015.

Previous contest themes
These are past winners of the contest.   Click on the link to visit some great travel blogs and exceptional themed photos.
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