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          If you’re a cat lover, like I am, you probably notice them everywhere you go.  I’ve found myself photographing kitties with almost the same enthusiasm as I do a world-famous site.  This collection begins with a few of my own favorites from my personal travel.  Some of  my fellow travel writers, photographers, and bloggers also share their favorite kitties encountered on their travels. 

pets-Polly-at SPCA-2007-100pix
I dedicate this delightful photo collection  to my sweet Polly, a Maine Coon mix who is no longer with us.

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Mexico-Atotonilco-cat-c2009 Carole Terwilliger Meyers-600pix

1.  I encountered this lovely kitty sitting in the sun in Atotonilco, Mexico, a tiny village near San Miguel de Allende..  “Folk baroque” frescoes in a small church at this UNESCO World Heritage site are being painstakingly restored. 
Photographed by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels with Carole

Fiji-Taveuni-Coconut Grove-resort-cat-Popsicle2-c2011 Carole Terwilliger Meyers-600pix

2.  This kitty named Popsicle was hanging out in a kava bowl at the Coconut Grove resort on Taveuni Island in Fiji.  He looks like he might have finished off the dregs. 
Photographed by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels with Carole

Chile-Valparaiso-cat-c2001 Carole Terwilliger Meyers-600pix

3.  This calico was lounging on the path to our restaurant destination in hilly Valparaiso, Chile.  He blends beautifully with the background.
Photographed by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels with Carole

Kauai-Kaui Kat Katnapping-1-at Hawaiian Trading Post in Lawai-c2014 Carole Terwilliger Meyers-iPhone-600pix

4.  This katnapping kat was seen guarding the Hawaiian Trading Post shop in Lawai on Kauai in Hawaii
Photographed by Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Travels with Carole

5-Italy-CinqueTerre-c Dennis Cox-142kb

5.  A cat on Vernazza waterfront in Cinque Terre National Park, Italy.
Photographed by Dennis Cox/WorldViews,

6-Sicily-Erice-cat on car-c2012 Joanne DiBona-359kb

6.  I captured an image of this pensive cat as we were touring the town of Erice in Sicily two years ago.  Funny thing about Italian cats is that they hang out on TOP of cars, as opposed to underneath them, which our American cats tend to do.  My husband and I, great cat lovers BTW, could never quite figure out why this was so.
Photographed by Joanne DiBona, Get the Picture Travel

7-California-Monterey-Wrath Winery-winery cat-c Mary Jo Manzanares-90kb

7.  This was taken at Wrath Winery in Monterey, Calfornia.  It's the winery cat.
Photographed by Mary Jo Manzanares, Traveling with MJ

8-Nyons-France-cat-c Katherine Rodeghier-394kb

8.  I call this "Stripes."  This cute fellow peered out at me from behind a metal fence while I was walking through the old town section of Nyons, France.
Photographed by Katherine Rodeghier

9-Hawaii-Big Island-Hawi-c2014 Doreen Pendgracs-600pix

9.  I absolutely LOVE this pic I took of a cat in a lovely shop last winter in the tiny community of Hawi on the Big Island of Hawaii. Talk about a poser!  I was touring the Big Island in Feburary, 2014 as part of the research for my series of books, Chocolatour: A Quest for the World's Best Chocolate.
Photographed by Doreen Pendgracs

10-Peru-Trujillo-c Coen Wubbels

10.  Location: Mayorista Market.  City: Trujillo, Peru.  This young cat sleeps through all the hustle and bustle of a big outdoor Peruvian market in one of the strangest locations I have ever seen.
Photographed by Coen Wubbels,,

11-France-Tautavel-cat-c Bianca Bauza

11.  I found this beautiful cat laying lazily under a chair on a hot summer day in the small village of Tautavel in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France.
For more cat photos, check out my gallery.
Photographed by Bianca Bauza,

12-Turkey-Cappadocia-cat-c Suzanne Courtney-123kb

12.  It was taken in a hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.  We watched four nearly an hour one day as the mother cat taught this cute little rascal how to hunt with a poor insect she'd caught.  Fascinating.
Photographed by Suzanne Courtney,

13-Croatia-Dubrovnik-cat-c Mary Chong

13.  We spent some time with our new Croatian friend enjoying the cool shade of the Old City Wall in Dubrovnik Croatia.
Photographed by Mary Chong, Calculated Traveller Magazine

14-Turkey-Ephesus-cat-c John Roberts-600pix

14.   The ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey is crawling with cat residents who own the place and prove to be favorite attractions for the visitors.
Photographed byy John Roberts,

15-Croatia-cats-c2010 S J Begonja-43kb

15.  My kitty kat photo was snapped in Croatia, back in 2010.  These cats were roaming a small village all day, jumping and playing.  Then by afternoon were snuggled up together in a chair set up by a local.
Photographed by  SJ Begonja, Chasing the Donkey

16-Mexico-San Miguel de Allende-c Laura Bly-600pix

16.  This was taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Photographed by Laura Bly,

17-Tahiti-cats-c Dawna Robertson-6mb-600pix

17.  I found this pair on a motu off Huahine where we had a most wonderful lunch of poisson cru and grilled chicken while sitting in chairs submerged in the crystal clear water.   Every Tahitian Island lunch seems to have a cultural session with coconut husking, Tahitian dancing and how to tie a pareau.  These resident kitties always get the great leftovers from the coconut husking event.  Not such a bad life for a feline!
Photographed by Dawna Robertson

18-Luxembourg-Vianden-cat-c2014 Andre Motta-128kb

18.  Last April I was traveling through Luxembourg and found this cute cat on the top of a hill in the city of Vianden.  You have to catch a chairlift to reach a lovely cafe, and when I was having a coffee, this cat showed up.  The owner of the cafe told that it was the first time that the cat appeared there, so no one know anything about him.  I played a few minutes with him and said goodbye before continue on my way to the Vianden castle.
Photographed by Andre Motta,

19-Italy-Bagno a Ripoli-cat-c2003 Aleah Taboclaon-61kb

19.  Of all the cats that I had met in my travels, I must say that Cincinna is one of my favorites.  She lived in a 15th century house in Bagno a Ripoli, the town next to Firenze, Italy.  I was hosted by her human through Couchsurfing, and from day 1 until the day I left, Cincinna never left my side.  In the mornings, I had to tickle her to wake her up.  I really missed her when I left Firenze for Padova!
Photographed by Aleah Taboclaon, Solitary Wanderer
More cats. . .

20-Hawaii-Lanai-cat-c Barbara Weibel-199kb

20.  I love the beautiful blue eyes of this kitty at the Lanai Animal Rescue Center, located on the island of Lanai in Hawaii.  Of all the cats at the center, it was the one that stood out the most to me, especially when it immediately tried to climb onto my lap.
Photographed by Barbara Weibel, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

21-Hawaii-Maui-Hana-c Nat & Tim Harris-139kb

21.  Meet Bella, she is an old lady in a kitten's body, tiny and so sweet.  She works on a hobby farm on Maui in Hana, Hawaii, keeping it rodent free.  When she has time off she like to hang out with her buddy Makana, a pit bull - ridgeback mix, and 70+ chickens.
Photographed by Nat & Tim Harris, A Cook Not Mad

22-Cook Islands-Atiu-cat at Atiu Villas-c2014 Barbara Beckley-600pix

22.  This darling tabby was  at the Atiu Villas on the remote island of Atiu in the Cook Islands.  The cat waited as I  got milk from the fridge -- I'm well trained.
Photographed by Barbara Beckley

23-Greece-Hydra Island-cat-c Shara Johnson-309kb

23.  I saw this kitty lounging on a bench on Hydra Island, Greece.  Cats abound on this lovely Mediterranean island and there was one or more in my presence nearly everywhere I went ... whether it was eating at an outdoor cafe, or walking a path around the island, or meandering the narrow alleys.  This one particularly caught my eye with the colorful bench and geraniums, looking extremely content in the middle of a nap.
Photographed by Shara Johnson, SKJ Travel

24-France-Menton-cat-c Carol Perehudoff-82kb

24.  I confess, I'm a cat fanatic. (I even celebrated getting engaged in Umbria by celebrating with the cats at our little vacation rental in the mountains. Ha.)  But the cat I recently fell in love with was this cat in Menton, France, the last town before Italy on the French Riviera.  I swear he was just lying around on a wall in the Old Town waiting to be photographed - I've even seen him on someone else's blog.
Photographed byy Carol Perehudoff, Wandering Carol

25-cat gallery-Spain-Granada-c Chantae Reden-84kb

25.  I found this precious cat sitting on my hostel room balcony in Granada, Spain.
Photographed by Chantae Reden, Chantae 

Cats Around the World   pg.1  pg.2  pg. 3  pg. 4

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