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MEXICO-Copper Canyon-Barrancas-View Point-Carole1

Copper Canyon, Mexico
image by Jim Gebbie

NYC-Seinfeld Tour-Carole+Kenny Kramer+cafe-scan-400pix

Seinfeld Tour with Kenny Kramer, New York City

SF-MagicBus-Carole+Peace Sign-c2011 Gene Meyers

Magic Bus tour,
San Francisco

image by Gene Meyers

World of Beatrix Potter,
Lake District, England

Grand Haven-Museum-Carole+Gene+President Obama-c2009 Marci Cisneros-267KB
World of Beatrix Potter, Lake District, England

Grand Haven Museum, Michigan
image by Marci Cisneros

EGYPT-Sharm-camel ride-Carole-c Ted Heck-fnl-400pix

Sinai Desert, Egypt
image by Ted Heck

Kiss Alley, Guanajuato, Mexico
image by Chris Gray

Guanajuato-Kiss Alley-G+C-c2009 Chris Gray-288pix

lunch with George Washington, Richmond, Virginia

flower fields, Holland

Holland-Carole on bike in flower fields-sml-300pix
ENGLAND-Yorkshire-Castle Howard-exterior-Carole-c Sandy Yara-fnl-crop-lg

Castle Howard, York, England,
filming location for Brideshead Revisited
image by Sandi Yara

SAN JOSE-Fairmont San Jose-lobby-Carole+suitcase-c2015 Cecilia Krepelka-concierge-iPhone-400pix

The Fairmont San Jose, San Jose, California
image by Cecilia Krepelka/concierge

INDONESIA-BALI-Tanah Lot temple-Carole 2-c2015 Dayvee Sutton-400pix

Tanah Lot temple, Bali, Indonesia
image by Dayvee Sutton

CALIFORNIA-SF-Noe Valley-Lovejoy's Tea Room-Reserved for the Queen+Carole 1-c2016 Gene Meyers-600pix

Lovejoy’s Tea Room, San Francisco
image by Gene Meyers

CAROLE ON LOCATION   pg.1 pg.2 pg.3 pg.4

Carole on Location
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