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travel articles by Carole Terwilliger Meyers
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Matt Harding dancing his way around the world

Note: Most of these images have blue hot links leading to an article Carole wrote about the trip.

HOLLAND-AMSTERDAM-Carole reading Europe on $5 a Day-c1970 Jeff Feiffer-300pix

Amsterdam, Holland, reading “Europe on $5 a Day”
image by Jeff Feiffer

Easter Island-Ranu Raraku Quarry-Single Head-Carole1-c Jim Gebbie-fnl-500pix

Easter Island, Chile
image by  Jim Gebbie

Machu Picchu, Peru
image by  Connie Smith

Peru-Carole at Machu Picchu-scan-500pix
OREGON-Coast-Newport-Aquarium-Sealed With A Kiss-Carole-c2005 Greg Vaughn-printed-500pix

Oregon Coast Aquarium, Newport Oregon
image by Greg Vaughn


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hilo, Hawaii
image by Jessica Ferracane

CALIFORNIA-MICK Shoot-THE PHOTO-c Mick's people-scan-lg-BAD-400pix

Sometimes you get what you want, Hollywood, California
"Visions of Paradise" music video
image by Mick's people

ANAHEIM-Disneyland Hotel-Carole+Mickey 1-c2016 xx-400pix

at Disneyland, with the other Mick

Patagonia, Chile
image by Millie Alexander

Patagonia-Torres Del Paine-Carole2-c Millie Alexander-sml
Iwo Jima Memorial+Carole-Dad's Funeral-c2005 David Meyers-fnl-printed+sent-500pix

Marine Corps War Memorial, also known as the Iwo Jima Memorial, Arlington, Virginia
image by Dave Meyers

Manchester-Princess Anne meets Carole-lg

meeting Princess Anne, Manchester, England
image by royal photographer

Molokai-mule ride-Kalaupapa-Gene+Carole-scan-500pix

mule ride to Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii

Checkpoint Charlie,
Berlin, Germany

image by  Arline Inge

GERMANY-Berlin-Check Point Charlie+Carole
CALIFORNIA-OAKLAND-Oakland Aviation Museum-back yard-flying boat inxterior-Carole in seat next to Indie hat 2-c2018 Gene Meyers-600pix

In seat next to Indie hat in “flying boat” at Oakland Aviation Museum, in Oakland California
image by Gene Meyers

POINT REYES NATIONAL SEASHORE-Mrs. Terwilliger+Carole-c1985-slide scan-600pix

with Mrs. Terwilliger, at Point Reyes National Seashore, California.
image by Gene Meyers

Carole on Location   pg.1 pg.2  pg.3  pg.4

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