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 article and image by Carole Terwilliger Meyers

This crochet pattern is super-easy.  I can whip a sweet heart out in a few minutes.  Recently I visited my toddler granddaughters and enjoyed making one after another for them.  Hopefully, the hearts will continue to pop up among their toys, and their little minds will remember the lady that made them. 

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●H crochet hook
●worsted weight/4-ply yarn

Chain 4.
Make 6 triple crochets into first chain stitch.
Chain 1, triple crochet into first chain stitch, chain 1.
Make 3 double crochets into first chain stitch.
Make 3 triple crochets into first chain stitch.
Chain 3.
Join with a slip stitch in original (first chain stitch), pull thread all the way through, leave end long enough to make a bow with the original tail thread.

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