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  2220 Mountain Blvd./Park Blvd.; Montclair.  This attractively decorated neighborhood restaurant features warm peach-colored walls and a large, high-ceilinged open dining room.  Outdoor patio dining with a view of the hills is an option in warm weather.  Diners young and old alike are provided crayons with which to express themselves on the butcher paper-covered tables--after all, this is California.  This amenity is also a nod to the restaurant’s name and to the fact that it is a great place for kids.  Though the menu of Italian-style California cuisine changes seasonally, particularly delicious items have included a bruchetta starter topped with a variety of mushrooms, delicate Green Scarves lasagna made with thin layers of pasta and bechamel sauce, perfect sea bass, and succulent herb-roasted chicken.  Sicily is the focus of the menu specials on Monday nights.  Thin-crust pizzas (made with a strain of yeast maintained here since the restaurant opened) and housemade desserts (order the gooey warm chocolate cake in advance as it takes 20 minutes to prepare) are also on the menu. 

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