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Fentons Creamery
  4226 Piedmont Ave./Entrada Ave.  Free parking lot adjoins.  Enormous portions of housemade 12% to 14% butterfat ice cream is the name of the game at this well-established ice cream parlor, in business here since 1922 and remodeled in 2003 after a devastating fire. 

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Favorite flavors for Fentons freaks looking for a fix are toasted almond and Swiss milk chocolate.

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Many of the sundaes are big enough  to share among several people.  If all those people eating out of one bowl is unappealing, ask for extra bowls. 

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Grandmas and grandpas will want to know that if they are age 65+ they can order from the children’s menu.  I did that and found that my sundae was just the right size.  And from all those exotic flavors Grandpa and I each chose vanilla, while my granddaughter chose strawberry.  Drinks include milkshakes served in old-fashioned metal canisters as well as sodas, floats, and sherbet freezes.  The menu also offers soups and salads, hamburgers, and an assortment of sandwiches, including the delicious house specialty--fresh crab salad on grilled sourdough.  Seating is in a large, open room with booths around the perimeter and an atmospheric sea of old-fashioned marble-top tables and wire-back chairs in the center. 

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          Myrtle’s Lodge gift shop-gallery-museum is just across the street at #4211.  It’s a great place to purchase ice cream-related items and much more.  Kids will be hard to extract. 

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