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La Note Restaurant Provencal 2377 Shattuck Ave./Channing Way; downtown.  Touching just the right culinary notes, this charming restaurant situated inside a vintage 1894 building delivers the Provence dining experience without the native negatives of small dogs and cigarette smoke.  On the patio on a warm, sunny day, while sipping a cafe au lait from a big bowl, it’s possible to fantasize about actually being in the south of France.  Winning items on the breakfast menu (which is served through lunch) include lemon-gingerbread pancakes with poached pears, fluffy scrambled eggs and omelettes, and perfectly fried rosemary potatoes with whole garlic.  Hot cereals and French toast made with cinnamon brioche soaked in orange water batter and drizzled with lavender honey are also available.  Lunch brings on les salades, les soupes, and les sandwiches, and dinner les bagnats (traditional Provenšale open-face sandwiches), les poissons (fish), and les viandes (meats).  Bon appetit!

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