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Epicurious Garden
  1509-1513 Shattuck Ave./Vine St.; Gourmet Ghetto.  A pleasant courtyard with soothing waterfall in the back of this unusual food court provides informal seating. 

Alegio Chocolate  Would you believe chocolate-covered peppercorns?

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Imperial Tea Court  This gem is hidden away in the very back of this enclave.  Dim sum dumplings and wonderful chewy hand-pulled noodle dishes are prepared in-house along with some stir-fried dishes to pair with the exotic teas dispensed here.  The original is located in the Ferry Plaza Marketplace in San Francisco.

Kirala  A branch of the popular Japanese restaurant down the street, this branch dispenses sushi and bento boxes.

Lush Gelato  So many flavors, so little time.

Picoso  Inexpensive burritos, tacos, quesadillas.

Soop  Just soups.

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Mint Leaf  A broad range of wines can be tasted here.  Diners purchase a plastic card credited with $20 and then just go to the hi-tech Italian wine-dispensing machine, place their glass under the wine they want to try, and return to their table with an ounce to sample along with their meal.  The menu is composed of mildly spiced, seasonal Indian food. 



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