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“Tea urges tranquility of the soul.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

          In England, a proper afternoon tea (sometimes called cream tea) is an elegant affair served in three stages, or all at once on a tiered tray.  High tea is early supper and not at all special--perhaps a boiled egg and some toast.  However, in the U.S. high tea refers to afternoon tea.  Hope you aren’t confused.  A few rules go with afternoon tea.  Eat the scones first, then the savories and sandwiches, and the sweets last.  Pinch the teacup handle raising your pinkie in the air, and never leave your spoon in the cup.
          It is interesting to know that all tea types come from the same plant.  Leaves receive different amounts of oxygen during processing, which is what makes them black, green, or oolong (in between black and green).  Black teas get more oxygen, green teas get less.  Unprocessed leaves make white tea. 
          I’ve personally enjoyed many of the tea times in this compilation.  I hope you’ll get to try some of these yourself in your own travels. 



          As the King said in “Alice in Wonderland,” let’s “begin at the beginning.”  For me that is tea times in my home town, San Francisco.  From here, we will expand into the rest of the world.

Laurel Court Restaurant  In the Fairmont San Francisco hotel. 
Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon  In Japantown.
Imperial Tea Court  In Ferry Building.
Japanese Tea Garden teahouse  In Golden Gate Park.
Lovejoy’s Tea Room  In Noe Valley.
The Rotunda In Neiman Marcus, Union Square.



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